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The Influencing Skills 360°

This survey is based on Colin Gautrey's research into the nature of influence and the critical skills required to be successful. It makes use of his model of Influential Leadership which contains 42 key skills that contribute significantly to influencing capability.

The Influencing Skills 360° is a simple self-assessment and feedback questionnaire which can be used several times by an individual to monitor improvement and results.

"Very easy to use, quick and definitely the best 360° I've used."

"Great way of learning more about influence — and fascinating watching the feedback roll in."

The Influencing Skills 360

The Influencing Skills 360


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The Influencing Skills 360°

In 2004, Colin Gautrey conducted an in-depth research programme into the critical skills which enable people to be great influencers in the workplace. He identified 42 individual stills which make a significant contribution to your ability to influence. The Influencing Skills 360° gives you the opportunity to explore these skills, how well you currently perform and helps you to focus your energy on developing those skills which will have the biggest impact on your success.

With the Influencing Skills 360° you will...

  • Quickly explore the 42 skills of influence and how you rate yourself against these.
  • Get feedback from friends and colleagues on how they see you using these skills (as many as you like).
  • Be able to compare your self-perception with what others think.
  • Analyse your strengths, weaknesses and development priorities.
  • Repeat the process several times in 12 months to monitor your progress.
  • Become more influential! Get more results.

This product is designed to help you explore and develop with the help of your colleagues. It is simple and easy to complete (actually the average time is about 5 minutes) and the report is very straightforward. We do this so you can focus on more on development than wading through lots of detail. After completing the self-assessment, you will then be able to invite others to give you feedback. Once you have enough feedback, simply close the report and see what they've said.

Gaining Access

The Influencing Skills 360° is available online. Use the box on the left to purchase your access. Alternatively, if you have been given access by your organisation or manager, please use the link they gave you.

Using the Diagnostic With Others

This questionnaire is available to coaches, trainers and managers. Please contact us to find out more.


Additional Product Facts

Here is the small print associated with this product...

  1. You are purchasing access to the Influencing Skills 360° for 12 months.
  2. During that time, you can run the survey up to every 60 days to measure progress.
  3. You (and your coach/trainer) will be in total control of who is able to see the data.
  4. We take all the usual steps to ensure data security, and also our process is designed to maximise full disclosure by those giving feedback.


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